What is autism in

Many people suffer from many diseases due to the lack of clear idea. They are afraid of having a clear understanding of the disease does not mean that the disease is scared. If there is a clear idea about diseases, then many incurable diseases can be tackled well. There are many diseases in the world whose long-term medical treatment need such as epilepsy, tuberculosis. In many cases, the complexity of the disease can be controlled much only through service such disease is Autism. In this disease, there is a lack of communication with the patient overall.

Is autism a disease:

Autism is a type of complexity of the human brain that is growing or developing. As a result, the affected person or the child can not communicate with like normal people. They wandered in a mysterious single geography of themselves. Define the definition of five types of handicap based on its guideline-

Autism disorder (classic autism)

Esparter Disorder (Esparter Syndrome)

Rate disorder rate syndrome

childhood Disinfection Disorder (CDD)

 Causes of  Autism:

There is no specific reason for this. These diseases are composed of many components. However, an integrated and mixed combination of both genetics and environment scientists have highlighted the effects of this disease. The history of autistic children’s family history shows that before that family no other autism –infected member is found. That is, it is not hereditary, nevertheless, an outcome of genetic effects is seen in 15% of the cases. It is assumed that the sudden occurrence of “genetic mutation only one pregnant that child is getting new autism. Scientists have caused such a hundred hazards found the genes. Holding the ratio of boys to girls is 4:1 the effect of the “sex link” that is being taken is on the disease. In those families which have an autistic child, there are 35% possibilities to be born a baby as a autistic next time.

Red Flag of Autism:

A child aged 6 (six) months can not express happiness if seen by someone known or in what age-related event, or any toy.

At the age of the 9-month baby, call by baby’s name but he/she does not respond.

If at the age of 16 months the baby can not pronounce any meaningful word.

IF 24-month baby cannot say any word of 2 words. 12-month baby cannot express bye-bye with his fingers.

When symptoms of this disease are released:

Although signs of this disease appear in the age of one and a half to three years of birth, autism can occur in people of any age. The child’s intelligence of autism may be more or less than the normal child’s. Some autistic children express a lot of skills in painting or mathematics.

Symptoms of the disease:

The sign of the disease is not the same to all autistic children. But 30-40% of cases are fatal The symptoms of all diseases can be divided into three categories:

Do not say in one’s eyes.

The problem of attention, can not understand what is doing.

Unstable, agile, uncompromising behavior.

Repeat the same word repeatedly.

Excellent addition to an object.

Showing attraction to moving objects.

Can not follow general instruction or cannot say what is needed.

Going around one side of the house, playing alone in your world.

There is no interest in any other child.

At any age, linguistic or social skills are lost.

They can insist on eating so much or going to school on the same path.

Children may experience extreme tension or depression in the new environment.

Other problem:

Sensual problems:

Many children may be very active/sensitive to seeing, listening, smell, taste, and touch. Somebody’s light touch May be uncomfortable or preferred. Any word (telephone ring radio, vacuum cleaner noise, sudden noise) can be the cause of their troubles.

Sleep problem:

Autistic children have a sleep problem. That’s why they lose focus on something or decrease their ability to work. It has a great effect on their behavior. Some practices such as sleeping routine or some specific sleeping pills can be used in the field.

Intellectual disability:

Most autistic children in the field of psychic or thoughtful work or language are weak. Applying the exams (by learning differently) Some naturalness is seen but it is much less common than it is. Language skills and intelligence are more or less common in the case of Asperger’s Cord.

Stomach problems:

Due to the sensitivity of autistic children to some foods, some children may have acute pain, diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, vomiting. But it does not apply to everyone.

Mental problem:

Some children may have anxiety, anxiety, or depression. Tuberoscale sclerosis: 1-4% of children between autistic children may have a complex problem. It is not a cancer of the brain, so one kind of tumor.


Expansion of Autism :

Social awareness, increasing the diagnosis of autism for the study and research of this disease at a higher rate is increasing day by day. There is no information about how many of them are in our country. This disease can be seen throughout the world. This disease can be seen in the case of 1 to 2 children per thousand children. Every year around 10 million people have been diagnosed with autism. Its number is approximately two million in the United States among them, Autism Disorder (20.6 / 10,000), Espartero Disorder (6 / 10,000), Pervasive Developmental Designer Not Weather less Specified (37.1 / 10,000), Rate Disorder (0.5-1 / 10 , 000), childhood disinfection disorder (2 / 10,000)

Autism treatment:

Autism is a life problem. So in a short time, the disease can be diagnosed so well. Parents should be aware of the behavioral problems of the child. Initially, consult a pediatrician besides child physicians, Children’s psychiatry and neurological disease specialists, autism resource center, child development center. Their strong mind’s emphasis and integrity The main and most valuable thing in the treatment of an autistic child. All the respondents have a good idea about this matter. Talking to other autistic child’s parents, discussions will increase the knowledge of those parents. They overall benefited.