How to Select a

There are numerous yoga schools in the world that provide good training. Selecting an appropriate yoga program is a daunting task. Things that you should consider before registering for a yoga class are not just location but also a quality yoga education. Also, it is difficult to choose any one yoga style that satisfies all your requirements. Meditation and Pranayama techniques are also part of yoga sessions.

Every yoga class aims to balance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The ancient practice of yoga is still an effective method to heal many disorders and restore energy. This is the reason many successful people add yoga in their daily routine. Selecting the best yoga training program should always be aligned with your objectives.

Here are some best tips to select a good yoga training program:

Yoga style that suits your lifestyle

Yoga has many benefits and is easy to adapt according to every person’s health condition. This is the reason people of all age groups want to learn yoga. Everyone has different health goals. An injured sports player might want to practice Restorative Yoga. Whereas Ashtanga Yoga is more power-packed. The two yoga styles are opposite in their approach. Chair Yoga is more suitable for a working professional to relieve stiff neck and shoulders with some light stretches of spine and legs. A pregnant woman may want to practice Prenatal Yoga which is beneficial for the mother as well as the baby. There are yoga styles for flexibility as well as specialized teacher training courses. Some people also want training in yoga to lose weight. Find out which yoga style is easier to incorporate and adjustable in your daily lifestyle.

Location of the yoga school

It may seem trivial, but the actual location of yoga school impacts our continued interest and focus on our health goals. Some corporate offices and even schools have started adding a yoga session after or before official hours for maintaining fitness. These sessions are easy to attend because they are inside the official premises. People who are always busy should select the location either near their office or home or somewhere inspiring.

With technology, it has become even more convenient to attend a virtual yoga class from home. The online sessions are well-prepared in advance and all the instructions are provided for the student to follow properly. E-courses for yoga are the best way to continue as a hobby or as a back-up training for future endeavors.

A certified yoga school

The quality of yoga education is very important for physical and mental growth. Whether for serious training or meditation, your health goals should be the top priority when selecting a yoga school. A student should check the certifications and awards conferred to the school. The number of years that the yoga school has been established and the review of students matters a lot to make an informed decision. It is important to know that the school has recognition from premium institutions especially from the International Yoga Alliance (USA). Your yoga training and achieving your goals depends largely on how well each yoga session is designed.

Experienced and qualified yoga teachers

The first interaction of a student about yoga is with the yoga teacher. A guide and a mentor who helps you become comfortable with yoga asana and bring new insight into yoga training. An experienced yoga teacher always inspires students to understand the philosophy of yoga. The awareness of the body and mind should be done in a precise way. A qualified yoga teacher knows how to involve every student in a yoga class. A good yoga teacher will know how to modify a yoga asana according to the requirement of the student.

Duration and number of students

The number of hours for yoga practice is specified for students who want to join teacher training courses. There are 50 hours, 100 hours, 200 hours, and even 500 hours. It depends on the learning process and experience that the students want to achieve. A renowned yoga school will have all the above options and expert teachers to train accordingly. The syllabus will be vast with practical as well as the detailed theoretical studies. The number of students is always limited to these yoga courses for providing individualized attention.

Whether professional training or not, yoga training requires a dedicated time to improve concentration. Yoga is a self-practice even in a class. The teacher can only give instruction but to apply the stillness of mind is completely personal. For deep relaxation, even while practicing at home, removing distractions is important. In a crowded class of 25 to 30 students, yoga practice may not prove to be that focused.


Yoga is a great health practice that has many positive influences. A good yoga training develops awareness, calms the mind, channelizes energy, and promotes overall healing. It helps an individual to become a strong person physically as well as mentally. Whatever your health goals, yoga is a wonderful learning experience that should be embraced by everyone.