Can the corn removal

Corns and calluses are some of the most common issue that Podiatry practitioners treat. Corns about the feet are due to an excess of pressure. These increased pressure causes the skin to thicken up to take care of itself. The epidermis then gets so thick so it results in being very painful. This higher pressure may be due to a number of things like claw toes, hallux valgus or dropped metatarsal bones, etc. The only way to permanently remove a corn is to take away the too much pressure that is producing it. There is not any other way. This means taking care of the shoe size so that there won’t be any pressure spots along with address the bunions as well as claw toes. Cutting a corn out only takes away the hard skin and it will not remove the cause. The hard corn will return sooner or later if that cause is still there. This cause ought to be resolved or it will be an ongoing issue long-term. Corns do not have roots that they grow back from.

A well known option to try and treat corns is to apply medicated corn removing patches. The idea behind the corn removing patches is that they consist of an acid that is designed to eat at the corn to remove it. You apply the medicated plaster on the corn and then leave the patch there until it has eaten away in the corn to eradicate it. The problem is that the acid within the corn removal pad will not know what is corn and what is isn’t a corn, therefore it is going to eat away at anything you stick it on such as the normal skin. That may be dangerous and much more unsafe in those who have underlying conditions such as diabetes mellitus. The pad might be able to eliminate some of the corn for the short term and give some pain relief, however that corn is only going to come back once again simply because that increased pressure which brought on the corn remains.