Why Urgent Care May

Are there cases where you should choose an urgent care center instead of the ER? Yes, there are. BUT make sure you’re informed about which you should go to, should the need arise. Here are a few thoughts below on how to decide.

Heading to a Florida local urgent care center for a minor ailment is likely your best option since costs can be cheaper than going to the emergency room.

Minor ailments such as a small cut or sprain can be taken care of by doctors at our neighborhood urgent care centers, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars and many hours of waiting to be treated.

Our urgent care centers are an appropriate choice when you have a medical need that requires immediate attention but is not life-threatening. If you’re having severe chest pain, for example, you need to go to the ER.

Many urgent care clinics accept health insurance, but patients should see if our locations are in your network. If not, you should be prepared to pay out-of-pocket. Another critical factor is that any payments likely will be cheaper than going to the ER.

One benefit of our clinics is that they are open in the evenings and weekends compared to your physician’s office. The wait time at an urgent care clinic is also more practical and works better with many people’s schedules because often it is 30 minutes or less, making it easier to go back to work.

Above are a few reasons why our urgent care clinics in NW Florida may make sense for you, should you need us.