Why do I have

There are roughly 3 million individuals that will be diagnosed with skin tags in the United States today. This is something that is common, but when it occurs on your skin, you may be tempted to panic because it may appear to be an oddly placed solution. This is an issue that comes up from the skin, and can cause a great deal of cosmetic issue, but nothing more. It’s not cancerous, it’s not going to cause much issue in terms of pain, and will not cause you to much issue if you leave it alone. But it is something that can be cosmetic in nature, and therefore you will want to get it removed, right? Well, before you can get to that step, you may want to know why you have skin tags that are popping up, and why they keep coming up over time.

Understanding What Skin Tags Are

The first thing that you need to know is that these are not something that are going to cause bleeding, discharge, or any sort of pain. In fact, you are not going to end up dealing with much of an issue in most cases. People don’t often have to deal with a wide variety of symptoms associated with tags. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just let them pop up without retort.

Root causes associated with skin tags start with friction. Whenever the skin rubs against itself, or has any form of irritation, a small amount of collagen is pushed into the dermis. That small push upwards will have a growth that looks like a zit or acne. However, there will be no head and it will not be easy to remove with normal means. You’ll need to focus on working on something that is going to help with removal with ease.

Tags come up due to friction, but they are associated with certain medical issues. Some of the most common issues include diabetes, tight fitting clothing, detergent issues, and hormonal shifts. These are common, but they are not the only issues that could cause tags to form frequently.

Removing Skin Tags

For those that are looking to figure out how to remove skin tags, the first thing to do is seek out a root cause. For instance, if it’s due to tight clothing, a change in lifestyle could help. If it’s due to sickness, a doctor may be needed to help. However, in most instances, you could use self care to get these things taken care of overall.

The most common options for removing skin tags is to look for options that you can apply topically. For instance, you could use acne medication. This is a medication that you can place topically on skin tags and watch them fall off in due time. Another option that you can use is essential oils. These are options that you can place on the tag and let the elements penetrate the dermis and eventually cause the options to fall away with ease. It’s something that doesn’t take a lot of work to see come through.