Healthy Foods for the

Healthy foods for the elderly are essential to keep them strong throughout their golden years. As we get older, we face many changes in our lives, especially in our bodies. As this happens, our nutritional requirements change too. Ensuring that healthy foods for the elderly include vitamins and minerals is crucial to get all the nutrients they need and keep them away from diseases. Because of the change in the sense of taste and smell, appetite can be altered too, making it even more challenging to feed them with healthy food. Nonetheless, there are still numerous healthy foods out there that can interest their taste buds and optimize their health.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in fiber and make you feel full in a longer time and are rich in nutrients. Because digestion becomes slower, fiber will aid you in ensuring regular bowel movement. This avoids the development of constipation or other stomach problems. whole grains are great for breakfast and are rich in carbohydrates. Ideal whole grain foods for elders include:

  • whole grain bread

  • whole grain cereal

  • whole wheat pasta

  • whole grain

  • brown rice

  • whole wheat flour

  • bran

  • oats

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are recommended for everyone regardless of age, but they become more important. It would be best to serve raw fruits and vegetables for older people to get the most nutrients from it. Steamed vegetables are also good if a little cooking might be required. Fruits and vegetables that are best for seniors are:

  • Strawberries – rich in antioxidants and vitamin C

  • Cucumber – good source of vitamin C

  • Watermelon – high in sugar but low in calories rich vitamins B6, B3, B1, and vitamin A

  • Kiwi – contains riboflavin which is needed for the release of carbs

  • Mushroom – low in calories and a good source of potassium

  • Corn – a great source of vitamin B3 when eaten fresh and is good for digestive system

  • Asparagus – vitamin A-rich and boosts immune system

  • Peas – rich in carbs and raw peas can be added to salads

More Ideas on Healthy Foods for the Elderly

| For Brain Function

Memory deteriorates fast when we get older, and our brain function gets slower, but with the help of these healthy food choices, brain function may be enhanced and improved.

  • Salmon – rich omega-3 fatty acids are good for the heart and the brain too

  • Lean beef – a rich source of choline which is good for the memory

  • Canola oil – also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids

  • Eggs – also contain choline

  • Shellfish – contains vitamin B12, magnesium, potassium, and iron all essential for brain function

  • Avocado – contains various kinds of fatty acids and is also good for the hair and nails

  • Almonds – aside from being a good source of choline, it also keeps energy levels up

| For Healthy Bones

Caring for the bones is also essential because the bones become more weak and brittle as we get older. Women are most at risk of developing bone problems such as osteoporosis. Here are foods that can help in keeping the bones strong and healthy:

  • Fortified milk – choose milk that is rich in vitamin D for better calcium absorption

  • Calcium-rich soy milk – for those lactose intolerant, this is a great alternative

  • Calcium-rich cereal – eating a cup of this for breakfast each day is recommended

  • Orange juice – choose orange juice that also has vitamin D

  • Cottage cheese – contains loads of calcium

  • Yogurt – also a rich source of calcium