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Our eyes can flash in a second, they can say I love you better than anyone else and, simply by closing, they have the ability to teleport to distant worlds.

Your eyes do so much for you and with specific treatments you can revive your look.

Of all the signs of aging, unfortunately, the ones we have to struggle with frequently are the wrinkles under the eyes: they spare no one, appearing on women and men alike and taking us by surprise one morning in our 30s.

Wrinkles around the eyes, bags and dark circles: why do they appear?

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and very thin, perhaps the thinnest on the entire body, and very uneven. In addition, it is constantly moving: do you have any idea how many times a day we blink? About 10,000! You’ll understand that the skin around there is put to the test from the moment we see the light.

Do you smoke? If you quit, the eye contour will thank you

Among the most harmful habits for the health of the skin, and of the eye contour in particular, there is also smoking. Smoking, it is known, accelerates skin aging, because it releases free radicals that inhibit the production of elastin and collagen, the main components of a young and elastic skin.

There is no escaping genetics: If your parents or relatives have deep wrinkles, especially around the eyes, it is likely that you will have them too. In this case, prevention is the only solution.

Natural remedies for wrinkles around the eyes

To manage the problem of wrinkles around the eyes, you can start with some natural tricks and remedies. They don’t work miracles, but they can definitely help reduce the tired look of your eyes:

Bags under the eyes , or even simply puffy eyes (because you slept badly, because you ate very salty food the night before, etc.) try applying ice cubes to the swollen area. Ice helps reduce swelling and drain stagnant fluids. If you don’t have ice ready, put teaspoons in the freezer, let them cool about ten minutes, remove and place on the eyes.

Wrinkles, especially the cute crow’s feet, try a little facial gymnastics: for example, move your eyes in different directions and then totally relax the muscles of the face.

Dark circles, gently massage or, better, tap with your little fingers the area under the eyes in order to reactivate the microcirculation. Use an effective eye contour product to limit the damage.

Before resorting to cosmetic surgery and retouching with Botox and fillers, which may be effective, but are risky and not very durable (and among other things cost a lot), there are many products that you can try to give a fix to the eye area.

The important thing is that, in this delicate area, you do not use the usual face cream you use every day.

In order to choose the fillerina eye contour cream, it is important to focus on the problem to be solved:

For wrinkles around the eye area , you need a product that is firming and plumping, so as to compact the skin like Labo Fillerina Long Lasting Durable Filler Eye Contour Cream Grade 4 .

For pronounced wrinkles around the eyes: if your skin is more mature and wrinkles around the eyes are more pronounced, then you need a concentrated product such as Labo Magnetic Eyes Intense Look Anti Aging Drops Eye Contour and Forehead.

For bags under the eyes and dark circles, it is important to focus on decongestant action, so as to deflate them LABO TRANSDERMIC Base Fluid Face SPF 50+ Sun Emulsion Rich UVA UVB Protection, this product also allows to prevent further damage to the skin thanks to sun protection.