A Guide to Recovery

So, you’ve just had a wisdom tooth extraction. You’re likely glad to be done with treatment now. That said, don’t forget: You still have to recover from your procedure. You’ll need to be careful of your teeth and gums in the meantime. Luckily, it’s not hard to ensure a smooth recovery. Your local dentist can even help you do so. To that end, here’s a handy guide to recovering from a wisdom tooth removal.

What’s the Timeline for Recovery?

It takes a few weeks to recover from wisdom tooth removal. During that time, you should expect varying symptoms at the following stages:

First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours after the extraction are vital. During this period, a blood clot should form at the treatment site.

You see, a blood clot is crucial to healing from wisdom tooth removal. It protects the bone and nerves at the extraction site. That way, bacteria and other debris won’t cause pain or infection. You’ll instead proceed through a safe healing process.

First 3 Days

Your mouth and cheeks will likely swell in the three days after your extraction. This symptom is normal and part of the recovery.

Overall, facial swelling is typical after oral surgeries. Fluid and blood cells gather when body tissues are hurt. From there, the affected area will swell for a while. Still, do note that this effect is short-lived. Your swelling should improve after the 3-day mark.

1-Week Mark

The next major phase of recovery is the one-week mark. At that point, you’ll be roughly halfway done healing.

Based on treatment specifics, a few things will occur at this halfway mark. First, your dentist will remove any stitches you still have. The next notable point is that your jaw soreness should fade. As that happens, most of your post-procedure pain will be gone.

2-Week Mark

By the two-week mark, you’ll be fully healed from your extraction. Your remaining symptoms will have faded or nearly done so.

In particular, note how your face looks. Any leftover bruising it had will have now vanished. Instead, your mouth and cheeks should appear as they usually do.

Tips for Removal Aftercare

In reality, there are ways to make your recovery go more quickly. Just use the tips and tricks listed below:

• Go for Fluids, Not Solids – Only eat liquid foods during the first 24 hours. This step will keep your blood clot from getting dislodged.

• Avoid Tobacco & Alcohol – Using tobacco would delay the healing process. Similarly, alcohol would increase the risk of a post-treatment infection.

• Do Saltwater Rinses – After the 24-hour mark, keep your mouth clean with saltwater rinses. Doing so will prevent inflammation and make oral issues less likely later.

• Reduce Pain as Instructed – Use a cold compress if your mouth aches after treatment. Alternatively, you might take over-the-counter pain relievers.

By noting the facts above, you’ll recover nicely from your wisdom tooth removal. Otherwise, feel free to consult your dental provider for more help!