Tips for transitioning to

It is challenging to switch from commercial deodorants and replace them with natural deodorants; however, it is highly recommended and a good decision. You need to take care of your body in a natural way. This begins by making wise decisions about what to apply on our bodies. It is advisable to care for the body by using natural products.

Why must natural deodorants be used?

There are harsh toxins present in conventional/commercial deodorants like phthalates, metals, and parabens. All these are harmful toxins that make it time-consuming to detoxify your body.

Difference between antiperspirant and natural deodorant

The function of these products is to lower your body’s odour. Aluminum is present in antiperspirants, which helps minimize perspiration and blocks sweat glands. It doesn’t create a favourable effect by preventing adverse odour and keeps armpits dry. Deodorant helps to mask and lessen body odour. Harsh toxin chemicals are present in conventional antiperspirants and deodorants.

It is challenging to switch from antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. However, transitioning with Tea Tree Body Wash 16 Fl Oz will help you in ample ways in the longer run. Following are the tips for using natural deodorant.

Get ready for a detox period.

After transitioning to natural deodorant from conventional ones, one crucial setback is the detox period. Initially, you may feel that the natural deodorant isn’t reducing body odor. However, the truth is that the toxin build-up is being detoxified. Natural deodorants mask the odor without stopping the sweat. You need to make your body adjust to the changes, which can be complicated. The detox period length will vary from three days to three weeks. You’ll feel normal after the detox period gets over.

Sweating is good

Sweating is a part of your body’s physiological process, which is good but only the smell feels bad. Sweat clears excess toxins and heat from your body. You should try to stop the odor instead of preventing sweat. Toxin removal should be promoted through exercise, so regularly practice exercises. When you become used to natural products after the detox period gets over, then you’ll feel more comfortable.

Underarms should be moisturized

Antiperspirant is present in conventional deodorants that make armpits sensitive and dry. Initially, natural deodorant will be difficult to transition, especially after shaving, like rashes and redness. Try pampering your armpits during the transitioning process and soothe your pain. You should moisturize your underarms by applying coconut oil, and this is the best remedy.

Clay mask for speeding detox

If you want to enjoy the benefits of natural deodorants, then speed up the detox process by applying a detox clay mask to your armpits. For detoxifying the portion of underarms, you can make your own Dead Sea Mud Mask For Face And Skin. This requires a detoxifying skin agent called Betonite clay that doesn’t contain chemicals.