Baking Soda and Heartburn

Heartburn is a stomach problem which is also called GERD (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease). The symptoms of heartburn is stomach acid and food turning back to the oesophagus which caused a burning pain in the very chest. Heartburn could be caused by many reasons such as spicy food, juices of citrus fruits and candies. The treatment for heartburn should be taken very carefully in order to avoid hurting the oesophagus. In that case, backing soda is a very common choice for heartburn and acid reflux.

Does Baking Soda Treat Heartburn?

Does baking soda really work for heartburn? The answer of this question is YES. A lot of proof indicates that baking soda is very effective for INSTANT heartburn relief. Baking soda is a natural remedy. The following ideas states how why does heartburn work and how to make the best effects of baking soda.

When suffering from heartburn or acid reflux, stomach acid burns the stomach and results a burning pain. Baking soda slows the activity of your stomach and stopping the regurgitation of your acids. As the acid reflux is stopped, the feeling of heartburn will disturbing your no more. A Baking soda will ease your heartburn very quickly and safely. It is very popular remedies for heartburn and backing soda become the best treatment in the market.

The PH of baking soda is higher that 7. So the baking soda is alkaline substance which balanced the stomach acid.

The Negative side of Baking Soda for Acid Reflux

The baking soda is often one of the solution for heartburn treatments. To make the baking soda treatment work better, you may watch out and finish reading the rest of my article.

For most of the people, the baking soda is really effective for their heartburn, but it is not suitable for every one with acid reflux or heartburn. The baking soda has some sodium. So it is not suitable for people who is on sodium diet. In addition, the remedy may also cause some uncomfortable. Some of them are known as below:

 Nausea Feel

 Gas

 Headache

 Increased thirst

 Abdominal cramps

Baking soda treatment also contains some side effects. If any of the following symptoms happens, you should go to a doctor immediately.

 Difficulties while breathing

 Increased urination frequency

 Loss of appetite and unprecedented weight loss

 Tar of blood stains on the stool

 Swelling in the feet and limbs

 Urine that contains blood

 Coffee grounds like vomit

How to Cure Heartburn

You can also treat your heartburn through other methods, and live a lifestyle that and minimize the chances of getting heartburn.

 Avoid Foods That Causes Heartburn. Some foods that include chocolate, spicy foods, potato chips has a high risk of causing heartburn. Avoid eating or reduce eating them is very helpful for your heartburn.

 Eat Smaller and more frequent. Eating too much food in one time will add pressure to your stomach. Eating 5-6 times one day will help to relief the workload of your stomach and makes you healthier. Also remember, don’t eat too fast.

 Quit alcohol and smoke. Drinking can worsen your heartburn. Especially drinking before and after meals will weak your LES muscle. Cigarettes contain Nicotine that weakens the esophagus muscles.