Why KIlling Youth Aka


Showcased in Substance Use and Misuse, Estoup, Cambell, Varma and Stewart’s (2016) article, “The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Adolescent Use, Consequences, and Perceived Risk,” points out that marijuana use harms young people. These Clinical Psychologists examined various people and concluded that marijuana use can result in cancers, damage to developing areas of the brain and also it leads to depression (“Background,” para. 1). The authors of this article indirectly slap the persons/governing bodies who have legalized marijuana in full. Their research and references in an article trying to implement that use of marijuana create consequences in adolescence (Estoup. et.al, 2018, “marijuana legalization and use,” para. 1).

Why are developed countries trying to kill the young generation of their country itself, which means why they legalized marijuana in full?! Why they are killing their future? Research has proven – and all major scientific and medical organizations agree – marijuana is both addictive and harmful to the human brain, especially when used as an adolescent. One in every six 16-year-olds who try marijuana will become addicted to it. And if an adolescent has a genetic predisposition for schizophrenia or another psychotic disorder, using marijuana as their brain continues to develop can increase the risk of that disorder (Kevin, 2016, “Important lessons from Cannabis legalization,” para 1).

The use of marijuana affects social life in various ways. Those who consume or are addicted to these drugs create more accidents on roads and thus create a social imbalance in society. How a government can allow all these things? Why is no one taking necessary modifications in legalization rules?! Self-directed selfish society is not at all interested in their future generation. Marijuana use in adolescence affects their education life too. Many students are forced to stop their schooling due to their addiction to this filthy drug. Without creating a well-educated society how a nation can provide a socially balanced society?! The usage of marijuana may not immensely affect this generation, but studies show that it will create an imbalanced society in future. While using marijuana users are not able to control their own emotions. They can’t control their anger, anxiety, fear and sadness. All these direct them to depression and crimes. If they can’t control their emotions, then why they are called humans? They are not humans; They are animals. No, they are even worse (Estoup. et.al, 2018, “marijuana legalization and use,” para. 1).

The use of marijuana increases year by year, especially since the young generation uses it the most. People between the ages group 15-24 are the most consumers of marijuana. Wow! This shows how a nation kills its future. Legalization causes the wide use of this filthy drug. Some foolish irresponsible studies show that the legalization of marijuana decreased the rate of suicide, rate of accidents, alcohol consumption. I don’t know how they can relate marijuana with these facts. Even under-aged person knows that the use of marijuana will affect their whole body. How a government can take such irresponsible decisions? (Estoup.et.al, 2018, “Background,” para. 1).

In my view, marijuana legalization will create an immense bad effect on the future. There is no need for world war 3. Because the widespread of legalization other countries will lead to the destruction of the young generation. It’s so pathetic that no one is tense about their future generation. Many intellectuals, scientists, political parties are trying to hide the real facts about the impact of marijuana on adolescence. Without an educated, socially balanced society there is no future for this present world. Yes, we are dying! Yes, we are killing ourselves.