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Remove Double Chin – With These Best Exercises and Methods, You Can Get Rid of Your Double Chin

Nobody wants a double chin. But how does it actually happen, and are there ways to remove a double chin – even without surgery? We explain the causes, methods, costs and more. Here you can find all of them at a glance.

Get rid of a double chin: an overview of the causes, methods, exercises and surgeries

What is a double chin, and how does it happen?

A double chin is an anatomical abnormality in which there is an obvious deformation or sagging of the tissue beneath the chin, such that the normal right angle between the neck and the chin disappears through the skin bulge. This almost always contradicts one’s own sense of beauty.

Because the face influences the perception of a person enormously. A slackening of the skin or the formation of erectile tissue on the chin area is usually responsible for a double chin.

But a double chin can not only cause optical problems. It is also uncomfortable when moisture collects in the skin fold between the chin and the double chin when you sweat. This can lead to painful irritation.

Causes of a double chin

The excess tissue below the chin is caused by high-fat accumulation. This can be caused, for example, by an unbalanced diet, weight loss or age. There are 7 reasons for a double chin:

  1. Overweight: Anyone who gains weight but does not build muscle supports fat storage in the body. This is how a fold of fat develops on the chin over time. Due to the stretching of the skin, the double chin becomes more and more visible. In addition, there is often a strong neck and a round face.

  2. Diets: After extensive phases of weight reduction, the excess skin slacks and cannot completely regress.

  3. Genetic predisposition: If someone is slim but still has a double chin, there may be a genetic predisposition. A congenital defect causes an excessive amount of fat to be stored under the chin. This can also be inherited.

  4. Natural, congenital face shape: A “receding chin” with a recessed, backwards-running chin prominence can optically create a kind of double chin.

  5. Signs of ageing: In life, more skin tissue can form on the chin with increasing age, which can also be exacerbated by smoking, for example. Weight loss can also be responsible for a double chin in old age.

  6. Posture: With a bent posture, the head can push forward permanently. This makes the double chin bulge more noticeable.

  7. Chronic diseases: Hormone fluctuations can ensure that water is stored in the chin area and a double chin is formed.

Get rid of a double chin: the best methods

Double Chin1

Double Chin1

Get rid of a double chin without surgery

I: Training away a double chin: facial yoga

The chin can be tightened with facial yoga. We have put together various exercises against the double chin for you that will help you to remove the double chin. Practice the exercises regularly with perseverance, discipline and patience, and you will soon see success.

a) Strengthening effect

  1. Open your mouth slightly.

  2. Draw your lips inward and press them against your teeth if possible, using your fingers to help if necessary.

  3. Put on a slight smile.

  4. Hold the position for about 10 seconds.

  5. Then relax.

  6. Repeat the exercise 7 times.

b) Consolidation effect

  1. Raise your chin a little.

  2. Forcefully push the lower jaw forward.

  3. Let the tongue rest on the upper palate.

  4. Now, pull the corners of your mouth up and smile.

  5. Hold the position for about 10 seconds.

  6. Let loose and relax.

  7. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

c) Lion’s Mouth

  1. Crouch, alternatively stand or sit.

  2. Extend your head far.

  3. Stick out your tongue.

  4. Important: carry out stretching movements intensively under tension.

  5. To test with your hand, check whether the chin muscles are tight.

  6. Repeat the exercise several times in a row or throughout the day as you wish.

d) Penal effect

  1. Clench your teeth.

  2. Pull the lower lip down, so the lower row of teeth is visible.

  3. Press the tip of the tongue to the upper palate.

  4. Hold the tension for 6 seconds.

  5. Relax, repeat.

More exercises to train away a double chin

a) Mitten

  1. Support your elbows on a table.

  2. Press a clenched fist under the chin.

  3. Hold your lower jaw against it and try to open your mouth against the pressure.

  4. Hold the tension for about 10 seconds.

  5. Repeat at best 10 times.

b) Show tongue

  1. Stick your tongue out as far as possible.

  2. Move the tongue up towards the nose.

  3. Hold the tension for about 10 seconds.

  4. Repeat at best 10 times

c) Kissing

  1. Sit upright on the floor.

  2. Draw in the navel.

  3. Tilt your head back.

  4. Look at the ceiling.

  5. Pucker lips.

  6. Maintain posture and tension for about 10 seconds.

  7. Repeat at best 10 times.

d) Pluck art

This massage exercise to remove the double chin should also stimulate the metabolism and fat burning in the neck region thanks to increased blood circulation and thus also affect the chin area.

Mornings and evenings, use your thumb and forefinger to work small areas of skin along the jawbones by quickly lifting them with a plucking movement, briefly holding them in this position and then rereleasing them.

II. Get rid of double chin: Fill in for more contour on the chin

Fillers for a beautiful chin

Chin reconstruction without surgery is possible using minimally invasive injections of hyaluronic acid fillers. In this way, a receding chin can be made more harmonious.

With the outpatient filler injection into the receding chin area, the tissue should be emphasized and modelled for as long as possible (several months).

According to this, the chin should appear well-proportioned and neither be too far forward nor too far back when viewed from the front or side. Costs: per treatment from approx. 400 euros.

III: Remove double chin: dissolving fat deposits on the double chin


With this non-surgical technique, a particular solution in the syringe is intended to loosen the fat in the double chin after the injection and transport it away via the lymphatic system. This happens gently and without scarring. The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis.

IV: Get rid of double chin: tightening of the chin region


Botulinum can be used to tighten the chin. The chin line unavoidably expands over time because the responsible neck muscle attaches there and pulls down with specific movements or facial expression habits. However, this tension occurs unconsciously (also during sleep).

As a result, the jawline is progressively less defined.

The sharply defined chin angle is also lost along with the contour. At the same time, the so-called “turkey neck” effect occurs: the stretched skin hangs unattractively there, like that of poultry. The outpatient Botox injection ensures the relaxation of the muscle and, thus, a clearly defined chin line.

In addition, the hanging tissue on the chin can be tightened.

V: Remove double chin: Apply heat or cold to the double chin

Laser tightening

This procedure is helpful if an overstretched skin cover is mainly responsible for the development. The skin layer can be tightened with a fractionated, skin-friendly laser. The laser heat penetrates deep into the skin layers, which then contract and tighten the surface.

In addition, the heat supports collagen formation, which also has a tightening effect over time. Less pronounced types of a double chin can be treated in several sessions. Laser tightening can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Thermal lifting

Thermal lifting is used on a so-called “turkey neck” with sagging skin and not much fat. In this procedure, radio waves cause heat that penetrates the skin. Meanwhile, the surface is cooled so as not to be injured. The skin contracts, and collagen production is stimulated.

Usually, only one session is necessary. Excess skin can be tightened and minimized, but no fat can be removed. The method can be used as an outpatient procedure.

Ultrasonic lifting

The non-surgical technique tightens the skin from the inside out, thus triggering skin regeneration. In the outpatient procedure, micro-focused ultrasound waves are gently transported into deep layers of tissue to stimulate collagen formation and thus tighten the skin.

Cryolipolysis without invasive surgery, the double chin can be permanently removed with this outpatient technique, thanks to cool sculpting. The fat cells located in the chin are gently reduced during the cold procedure.

So-called cool-sculpting devices are used to “freeze” away the fat deposits. The chin area is cooled down to 2 to 4 degrees Celsius with a small vacuum applicator so that the dead fat cells can be transported away via the lymphatic vessels. Several sessions are necessary.

VI. Get rid of double chin: Inserting threads to lift double chin


This method relies on absorbable, i.e. self-dissolving threads that are placed under the skin. The threads are inserted into the subcutaneous fatty tissue with a fine needle, where they are anchored in the slack tissue with small hooks.

This tightens the tissue in the chin region and lifts it into the desired position. The outpatient procedure also stimulates the production of collagen through the threads, which in turn supports the smoothing of the skin.

What else helps against a double chin: Current cosmetic surgery procedures

While less pronounced types of double chin can be reduced with discipline and strict weight loss, a severe double chin often only requires surgical intervention to remove it quickly, effectively and thoroughly. Various procedures are possible as aesthetic cosmetic surgery:

Removing a double chin with liposuction (minimally invasive liposuction): With liposuction, the fat in the chin area is removed entirely and usually permanently via several small incisions behind the earlobes using fine cannulas. The method can be performed on an outpatient basis.

The openings in the skin can usually be simply covered with adhesive plasters until they close up by themselves, almost invisibly.A compression mask should be worn for some time after the chin operation.

After the liposuction, the excess skin must be removed: With the help of a surgical skin tightening, the remaining stretched excess skin below the chin is removed with a small incision, smoothed and stitched.

The neck muscle is often tightened as well. The stitches are removed around ten days after the operation. Scars are often invisible. The procedure takes place on an outpatient basis, usually under local anesthesia.

Get rid of a double chin with chinplasty: Chinplasty is an invasive chin surgery that is considered for a receding chin. The procedure uses an implant that reinforces the jawbone to compensate for the lack of contour.

In this way, unsightly bulges between the neck and chin can be minimized. Alternatively, the chin area can be shaped more prominently if a so-called forward displacement of the lower jawbone is carried out.

However, this intervention is associated with a great deal of effort. During the chin surgery, the bone is severed and positioned forward. The whole thing is fixed with screws that will be removed later. Such a chin correction is usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anaesthesia.

For better monitoring, one to two days of hospitalization can be scheduled.


The costs for a double chin reduction by liposuction start from $1,200 to $12,700, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Health insurance companies only cover the financial costs if there is a medical indication.

However, if the procedure is carried out for purely aesthetic or optical reasons, the patient must pay for it himself.

Possible risks of double chin treatment

Laser treatment and thermal lifting: low-risk. There may be temporary slight redness or swelling. A small scab may form.

Liposuction: swelling, bruising.

Surgical skin tightening: bleeding, infection, wound healing disorders or excessive scarring.

Chinplasty: numbness, bleeding, infection, asymmetry.

Fat-away injection: bruising, swelling.

Hyaluronic acid filler: circulatory disorders, asymmetries.

Thread lift: swelling, bruising.

Cryolipolysis: Temporary numbness, redness, and bruising.

Botox: redness, headache, numbness.

Ultrasound: tingling, swelling, tenderness to touch.

Massage away double chin: tools for at home

With facial massages, the tissue can be loosened, and blood circulation stimulated, which results in a tightening effect. Devices specially made for this purpose can also be used for this purpose.

Of course, these cannot promise quick, effective, long-term, comprehensive and obvious success – especially when it comes to severe forms of double chins.

The top 5 tools against the double chin:

  1. Slim Chin: Massage device with which, according to the manufacturer’s promise, you can vary the resistance acting on your chin using three different spring strengths in order to define the chin area. Two minutes a day are said to be enough to train the chin area.

  2. Rose quartz roller: The roller with the pink healing stone is said to tighten the skin (also on the chin) by stimulating blood circulation. The hand-operated tool should be rolled over the relevant area with gentle pressure several times a day to boost lymphatic flow.

This should also stimulate collagen production. However, double chin wearers should not hope for an effectively visible benefit.

  1. 3D Jade roller: The device is supposed to deliver microcurrent to the skin via an integrated solar panel and thus support the massage function. Thanks to the V-shape, the device should also adapt better to the contours of the respective part of the face.

  2. Microcurrent 5D facial roller: Thanks to the Y-shape with integrated roller balls, the skin is massaged ideally, and the lymph is stimulated to tighten. The hematite rollers (made of a mineral) are said to increase success. Whether this actually has a measurable effect has not been proven.

  3. CGBF-70 Degree Y-Shape 3D Face Roller: The DIY tool works by vibration 160 times per minute. This is to increase the massage effect. The stimulation is intended to contract the muscles and promote blood circulation. This, in turn, is supposed to accelerate the metabolism and collagen synthesis and smooth the skin.

Hairstyle tricks for round faces with a double chin

Long hair hairstyles for round faces with a double chin:

If you have a round, thick-looking face with a double chin, your hair should end at chin level or on your collarbone. Longer hair completely surrounds the face, making it appear fuller. However, no curls should form at chin level because they attract attention and put the double chin in the focus of the viewer.

A long bob is also suitable with stepped sides. Medium-length hair can make the chin look smaller with an asymmetrical cut and diagonal edges. If you can’t part with your XL mane, tie it together, even in a high bun, because that draws the eye upwards and stretches it.

There are countless updo variants to add variety to your everyday hairstyle.

Extra tip: You can also support the stretching effect with volume at the back of the head by teasing the area.

Short hairstyles for round faces with double chins:

Short hair is ideal for making a round face appear narrower. This includes cuts like the bob haircut or the pixie cut. The short hair takes the volume out of your face and makes it lighter. This results in an optical lifting effect.

Good to know: Straight hair that just hangs sluggishly and lackluster is not suitable for the face, as the double chin is placed in the center, and nothing distracts from it. Better are, e.g. soft beach waves, which attract attention as eye-catchers.

A reason to part with the long, old pigtails and dare something new. Extra tip: Choosing the right parting line can also influence perception. A middle parting narrows your face, a side parting makes it look more lush and full.

Questions and answers about the double chin

How do I get rid of a double chin fast?

Face yoga and other double chin exercises tighten the skin on the neck and help get rid of the double chin. It does, however, require perseverance and discipline. You can quickly remove the double chin with an operation.

How can I get rid of my double chin without surgery?

With various exercises against the double chin, you can get rid of the double chin without surgery. Another non-surgical technique is the fat-away injection to remove the double chin. A unique solution dissolves the fat and transports it away via the lymphatic system.

Why do I have a double chin even though I’m thin?

A double chin can have several causes. In addition to being overweight, a genetic predisposition can also lead to a double chin, which is often the cause of a double chin in thin people.