Vacuum therapy for breast

Most of women are now suffering from breast problems associated with gravity and ageing. As they age, their breasts usually experience lack of elasticity and then become saggy, which is an inevitable process that is widely-acknowledged. Some of them feel self-conscious about being in that condition and even lose confidence in themselves. Actually, this is the situation where the vacuum therapy comes in, through which most of women are expected to have youthfully firmer breasts and regain self-confidence. There are several non-surgical treatments out there on the market. The popular one is vacuum therapy. So what is it and what advantages does it have?

Vacuum breast-augmentation is a non-surgical treatment with high-level safety and remarkable treatment results, bringing good news to people seeking replacements for breast-augmentation surgeries. Though some surgeries may enable you to see breasts become firmer to some extent, something unpleasant may occur like minor distension, long recovery time and lesions’ inflammations. The vacuum therapy is a safer option. During the treatment, saggy skin will be lifted and the circulation of blood and lymphatic system will be promoted on the breasts. This non-invasive treatment can help shape and augment your breasts, thus bring self-confidence back to you.

The vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment for fighting against severe cellulite. It uses special vacuum cups to help you effectively remove fat as well as promote circulation by improving the blood flow of subcutaneous tissue. Besides, it also has exfoliating function, though which skin’s elasticity will be increased and your muscles will be relaxed.

This vacuum therapy involves massaging through suction, which can help breast’s circulation. Sterilized vacuum cups are used in this treatment to suction fat tissue. You just need to put the vacuum cups on the area with unwanted fat, press start button to start the treatment. Sometimes, you can even take this treatment in conjunction with RF and LED photon treatments, which can deliver better results because they have the ability to improve skin’s appearance and increase skin’s elasticity.

In order to effectively remove cellulite, you may need a treatment plan varying from 12 to 15 treatment sessions, the length of which depends on the severity of the condition of cellulite. Providing you follow the given treatment procedure and meanwhile keep a healthy and balanced dirt and take regular exercise, the results will be noticeable after seven treatments.

Do I need do something before treatment?

You do not need do something special except that you’d better drink more water and have a healthy lifestyle.

What should I do after treatment?

After treatment, you need to drink plenty of water to help with body metabolism, which can also help with the fat removal. Do not eat grease-rich and sugar-rich foods as well as too much flour-made foods and salt because those foods are undoubtedly getting in the way of your fat removal.

Vacuum breast-augmentation treatment

  1. Choose proper vacuum cups based on treatment receivers’ needs

  2. Put the vacuum cup on the breasts, and let the cup touch skin tightly.

  3. Press the power switch of the machine, set the energy at the lowest level at the beginning and then slowly raise it to the most comfortable level for the treatment receiver. You can also adjust the suction and release time with some machines

  4. After 30 minutes of treatment, lower the energy level to the lowest, and then remove the cups. Apply some creams to breasts.

Breast Treatment

The first stage: take treatment every two days, each treatment takes 20 minutes, 8 treatments are needed.

The second stage: take treatment every four days, each treatment takes 30-35 minutes, 8-10 treatments are needed.

After the first and second stage, the results can last relatively long and so you can take the treatment once a week.

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