Eyelashes Strengthening After Extension

Eyelash extensions, a growing trend, have become a popular beauty enhancement method, giving one’s natural lashes a stunning appeal. The use of eyelash extensions might injure and weaken our natural lashes over time. You have come to the right place if you recently got rid of your false eyelashes and want to strengthen your natural lashes.

Stages Of The Eyelashes Growth Cycle

It’s important to understand the eyelash growth cycle before talking about how to make your eyelashes stronger. The Anagen phase, which is when your eyelashes are actively growing, lasts for about 30-45 days. Your lashes lengthen and thicken throughout this time. It is thought that the Catagen stage, which lasts for around two weeks, is a transitional one.

At this stage, the growth of your eyelashes stops, and the size of the hair follicle also shrinks. The Telogen phase, also known as your lashes’ resting phase, often lasts for more than 100 days. Old lashes fall out during this stage to make room for the growth of new lashes.

Avoid Using Waterproof Mascara

This product is ideal for situations when water is prevalent, such as aquatic activities or wet weather, because it is made with chemical ingredients that inhibit water absorption. Although waterproof mascara may be useful in certain situations, it’s not the best choice for daily use, especially if your eyelashes are weak and delicate.

One of the main reasons waterproof mascara could harm your lashes is the challenging removal process. Normal makeup removers might not be able to remove it because it is designed to withstand water. In order to remove the mascara, you might have to scrub your eyelashes abrasively, which could hurt them.

Your lashes could be damaged by waterproof mascara if they become dry. The chemicals in waterproof mascara may strip your lashes of their natural oils, causing dryness and breakage. As a result, your lashes are more prone to harm and breaking.

Do Apply Natural Oils

Utilizing organic oils like coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil can help your eyelashes in a number of ways. These oils are rich in fatty acids and nutrients that help nourish and reinforce your eyelashes, lowering the risk of breakage and promoting healthy growth. Learn how to strengthen your eyelashes with natural oils in the most efficient way possible.

The most common natural oils for encouraging lash growth are castor oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. Every oil has distinctive qualities that might help your eyelashes seem better. As an illustration, think about the fact that castor oil contains a lot of ricinoleic acid, which has been proven to encourage hair growth. Rinse with warm water and a mild cleanser right after waking up.

Simply wash your face in the morning with warm water and gentle motions to remove the oil. Make sure any traces of oil are thoroughly removed to avoid aggravating or blocking your lash follicles.

How do Eyelash Growth Serums work?

Bimatoprost, an active component in eyelash development serums like Careprost, encourages lash growth. By extending the Anagen phase of the eyelash development cycle and causing the hair follicles to generate longer, thicker lashes, bimatoprost acts to increase eyelash length.


In conclusion, eyelash extensions can harm and weaken your natural lashes, but you can enhance them by using items like eyelash growth serums and practicing correct maintenance. After removing extensions, it’s imperative to give your lashes some time to recover before beginning any lash-strengthening regimen.

Maintaining good hygiene habits and staying away from harsh cosmetics can help you prevent damage and encourage healthy lash growth. Maintaining hydration and eating a diet high in protein can both help to grow stronger lashes.

Careprost and other eyelash development serums are practical and efficient ways to thicken your lashes.