FutureCommPR shines a light

Diseases and conditions come in varying degrees of rarity, and among them exists an exceptionally rare one. Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis (FIL) falls under this category, with only one-hundred documented cases found across the globe. Its rarity is such that most individuals, including those in the medical field, are unfamiliar with it. However, one specific case has touched us personally. Izabela Magallon, a beloved family member of one of our colleagues at FutureCommPR, is afflicted by this condition.

The condition itself is best described as a congenital asymmetrical deformity of the maxillofacial region, which affects the patient’s facial appearance. Izabela, a resident of Bayonne, NJ, is 38 years old but was only recently diagnosed. She underwent several surgeries during her childhood, albeit without much success. Recently, she came across a post on Instagram that led her to another individual with the same condition. This person had created a blog documenting her journey and shared a list of doctors involved in her treatment. One of these doctors happened to be located nearby in New York City. Motivated by hope, Izabela reached out to arrange her initial appointment.

After consultations with doctors, it was decided that Izabela would require a series of surgeries, spaced approximately two months apart. The first surgery aims to reconstruct the bones and remove the benign bony overgrowth, while the second surgery focuses on facial reanimation and improving muscle function. Unfortunately, insurance coverage for most of the associated costs is not available. However, the doctors involved in the process have significantly reduced their fees to enable Izabela to undergo the procedures. To help alleviate the financial burden, Izabela has set up a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe (Fundraiser by Izabela Magallon : Izabela’s surgical fund (gofundme.com). The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $100,000, which will contribute to covering the expenses of the procedures and subsequent treatments.

“We strongly believe in raising awareness about the condition itself and about Izabela’s medical expenses fundraiser,” expressed Jim Burkhart, Senior Director of Operations at FutureCommPR. As a newly established organization, we are committed to increasing our community involvement and corporate responsibility to the world. We are incredibly excited for Izabela’s journey and have great confidence that she will reach her fundraising goal.