7 Best Smelling Body Lotion

Today in this blog post I will share some of my top favored, best smelling body lotion with you, I am a person that is very immense on fragrances, and so I want to share with you some of the best-smelling body lotions on the market and that also hydrate dry skin.

I’m the kind of gal that likes fruity fragrances and sweet fragrances like Vanilla and the smell of desserts like cake or cupcakes, I’m not sure if you have the same sense of smell like myself, but continue with my recommendations if you do and if you enjoy some of these notes.

You can find some incredible smelling body care products at a myriad of locations such as Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, and Marshalls, to name a few, however my favored place to shop for body care products is Bath and Bodyworks.

Did you know that both Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Bodyworks are under the same company’s license (Limited Branded). They both have sumptuous smelling products, and I find that no wonder, why? Because the products that they carry are very alike.

So now I am going to share with you my top 3 favorite body lotions.

Best Smelling Body Lotion

  1. Cake

Cake Beauty is a beauty brand that I found recently at a steal at Marshall’s, it is also a lightweight lotion that I treasure to use. They have exceptional smelling whipped body cream, lotions, and even body washes and mists that will make you smell great all day long.

While they have recently revised their branding and marketing, I still adore their products, however the fragrances have altered, and I am not thrilled because they now offer exotic body lotions and perfumes.

I can always go back to the authentic scents that they have online, you can buy Cake products at Shoppers Drug Mart, and it is also a proudly Canadian Brand.

One of my favored products from this line is the Lemon and cream fragrance. Cake products also come in body lotion, fragrance mist, and body wash. I appreciate these products because the scent is unique, and it smells just like a lemon-cream cupcake, I chatted about this body lotion in a previous blog post, and you can find it here.

Best Smelling Body Lotion

  1. PINK! Fresh Vanilla

PINK! Fresh Vanilla is a new fragrance established from the Victoria Secret PINK Brand, before this fragrance I was a tremendous fan of their fresh and clean scent and had body lotion.

I decided to try something new, and I adore this unique fragrance, so when I don’t want to smell like a cupcake all the time I will opt for this fragrance. It will also make your skin feel like butter!

PINK! Beauty is a collection of lotions that PINK has launched containing essential oils for its fragrance and dermatologist tested, usually my skin leans to be prone to breakouts, and so far, my skin loves the ingredients in this lotion.

To round it up, this lotion makes me smell like a cookie, I like to wear it at night after a fresh shower.

victoria secret pure seduction lotion

  1. Victoria Secret Pure Seduction

The Victoria Secret Pure seduction is a scent that I have used for years, and I still use it, when Victoria’s secret came out with their pure seduction perfume, it was so hard to find. It is such a comfort to find this fragrance in a lotion format.

Pure Seduction is a fragrance that I would define as sexy and if you like fruity scents this may be the right lotion for you, and I like to wear this fragrance paired with their signature pure seduction perfume (which I did end up finding online) when I am going out or wearing lingerie, men will also love this fragrance.

Bath and Body Works Near Me

  1. Bath and Body Works Strawberry Pound Cake

If you adore the smell of fresh-baked cake, you will value this fragrance, it smells good and this fragrance is comparable to the cake lotion I mentioned above, and although I love cake products I am slowly falling for Bath and Body works products.

I buy most of my shower gels, and hand soaps from Bath and Body works, mainly because Bath and Body works have a vast assortment of fragrances, and I love to hop into the shower and play around with different scents.

It’s an thrilling experience, so far I only use the Strawberry pound cake shower gel, hand sanitizer, and foaming hand wash, and eventually, I plan on obtaining their other products like the body mist, lotion, and candle.

This fragrance launched in 2020, so it is a somewhat new product, so if you are a fan of sweet-smelling fragrances and baked goods like dessert, then you should give this fragrance a shot.

Ahava Body Lotion

  1. Ahava Lotion

I recently received the Ahava mineral body lotion sample from my IPSY beauty subscription, at first I did not care for the smell as it smelled very earthy.

Then a few weeks later I noticed a fragrance coming out of my purse (where I usually keep this sample-sized lotion), then finally, I saw how pleasant it smelt!

The fragrance reminds me of a lavish fragrance like Christian Dior J’adore, a very grown scent, and a very warming scent ,this lotion can be found at most department stores but is not low-grade, so if you have the money to splurge on high-end products, this product might be the proper one for you.

Ahava has various skincare products, from bath scrubs to body butter, and the lotion that I received is also obtainable in other fragrances.

To be more precise the name of the body lotion that I received is the Ahava Dead Sea Water Mineral Body Lotion in the fragrance “Spring Blossom”, although this lotion does smell nice, one of the other advantages is that its formula contains a mix of minerals from the dead sea.

This lotion also reminds me of products you would employ in a spa for a massage.

  1. Victoria’s Secret Pink Paradise Bloom Scented Body Lotion

Now we are moving back to one of my favored brands for scented body lotion and where the whole body lotion spectacle began.

I newly picked up this fragrance after not finding the PINK! Fresh Vanilla when I went to restock on it, although I am disenchanted that they no longer have the fresh vanilla scent with a hint of orchid, there are so many other great-smelling lotions that Victoria’s Secret has to deliver.

By the way, did you know that the same company possesses both Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works? It’s no wonder that they do when you see all of the different scents each store maintains, they are very alike, but if you are looking for a broad variety of fragrances Bath and Bodyworks would be your best bet.

I am also uncovering that I like Victoria’s Secret Pink! For some reason I am finding that Vicotria secret demands their beauty products to a more adult audience… To each his own.

The Victoria’s Secret Pink Paradise Bloom Scented Body Lotion smells fresh to me and, at first, smells like drug store lotion, but after a while, the fragrance evolves into a flowered scent after incorporating it into your skin and also leaves skin hydrated.

I also purchased the body mist as it smelt so incredible in the store when I bought it, but I don’t think I would re-buy to be unbiased, if you are looking for a light floral scent with a tinge of fruit, this lotion would be your best alternative.

Rerum Natura

  1. The Rerum Natura Beauty Body Lotion

I also received this fragrance in my beauty subscription box, and I appreciated it, I am a massive fan of perfumes which is off-topic, but I think I am a fan of fragrances after being introduced to scented markers when I was a child.

To me the Rerum Natura Beauty body lotion is a lotion that I would recommend for someone looking for an organic scent, this lotion is also organic and contains aloe- vera and shea butter that nourish the skin.

This lotion smells very similar to Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter, and I value this scent, healthy hair butter has a nice genuine scent ad I think it is the sweet orange extracts that make it smell the way it does. Healthy hair butter also reminds me of when I was 100% natural, and I cherished using it to soften my natural hair and style it.

So when I whip out the rerum natura body cream, it immediately reminds me of those times and to wear my hair curly again and take care of it organically, in it’ natural state.


I rounded up and shared my top seven favorite body lotions with you, I have a few more, but I thought I would share my immediate seven, from smelling like a cupcake to smelling fruity and mature, like I cited I am a fan of sweet, pleasant smells. Using body lotions is a great way to include fragrances in your daily regimen, and when you’re not deeming like wearing perfume you can always count on scented body lotions to help spruce up your typical scent.

And these take the cake! Thanks for reading!