Will Sanity Prevail?

Has the world gone crazy? Have we lost all our common sense and ethical approach in our social dealings? Have our perceptions become so distorted that we cannot think rationally?

There is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine. It can only mean death, destruction and devastation in Ukraine. No country in the world wants to fight a World War III. So the rest of the world is playing a spectator role. We know that Russia is a big powerful country. It is beating the daylights out of its little brother. Since the rest of the world is not prepared to defend Ukraine physically, what advice should we be giving its leaders?

It is clear Russia has got the tiger by the tail. Right or wrong, I cannot see it back down. I fear for the people of Ukraine. Common sense tells us they should stop fighting and negotiate a peace deal. One has to face reality. It is not a perfect world, and we have to learn to compromise on living in peace and harmony. There is no point in trying to be a hero. If this fight continues, it will only destroy a beautiful country and its people, where there will be no country left to defend. A dead hero is no use to anyone, but a live hero may live to fight another day.

So what advice we should be giving its leaders? Should we encourage its leaders to continue the fight by supplying more arms and ammunition? Please do not get distracted by the rights and wrongs of this issue. It can only become a pretext to fight a war. War is the result of an ultimate breakdown in communication. If we are not careful and do not become aware of how we think, it can quickly become our path to self-destruction.

Recently in Quora on the Internet, I answered the following two questions which can relate to the topic above.

  1. “Explain sacrifice, why would anyone die in the sake of someone else how does it work when someone puts the life of others above his own, and why would the brain do that beside survival instinct?”

Answer: Most people do not realize that our thinking process is hypnotic. In my mind, the ego is a product of self-hypnosis; it appears in our conscious mind by using words. We live in a very superficial world of words. We use words to express our feelings. So the way we think can make us feel and act in whatever direction we want. Be aware of rhetorics and philosophies that create feelings of nobleness and sacrifice. One can easily talk oneself into a path of self-destruction. Please read my recent articles on the Internet regarding the ego and its operation. Please do not take yourself very seriously. The ego is a con artist.

  1. “Can the human brain control another human?”

Answer: When you see people walking around you like zombies, what do you think that is? When people are influenced to fight and kill each other, what do you think that is? I hope it answers your question.

All the above brings me to raise the question of the medical profession’s role. We are the ones who have to deal with the physical and mental wrecks of any war. What is our eminent psychiatrists and psychologists have to say about the direction we are heading? Do they have any social conscience about what is happening in society today? Where do they stand, and what advice should they be giving?

I want our readers to understand that we live in a hypnotic world. When we think we are hypnotizing ourselves. The words, not their meaning, directly affect our subconscious mind. I want people to become aware that we do not talk ourselves into fighting another war.