Best Weed Strains for

Cannabis is a highly popular mean that people use in both recreational and medicinal purposes. Depending on a strain and its components and origin it can give consumers the state of euphoria, relaxation, focusing, creativity, it sharpens all senses and relieves pain. You can learn more about its properties on AskGrowers.

The strains with high THC levels are more likely to be used in recreation, and the strains that contain low THC and high CBD levels are more frequently used in medicinal aims. People use marijuana as painkillers, as sedatives and to treat the symptoms of different disorders and illnesses, such as ADHD.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a disorder which is followed by such symptoms as hyperactivity, lack of attention, problems with focusing, easy distraction, impulsiveness, difficulties in learning and listening, disorganization, lack of sleep and other. According to Medical News Today ADHD affects from 6% to 9% of children and teenagers and one-third of them keeps this disorder in adult life. ADHD is a problem for millions of people worldwide, it makes problems for children at school, which surely affects their future, people with ADHD are unable to finish tasks and to concentrate, so it is really spoiling their social lives.

There are lots of possible causes, and nothing is exact, but what scientists have precisely notices, is the lack of dopamine in the brains of those, who suffer from ADHD. Therefore the treatments they often advise for this disease are usually dopamine stimulants. These stimulants increase the dopamine levels and help patients with concentration and focus, but at the same time, they can arise anxiety and tension.

A 2016 study published in Nature proves that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) boosts dopamine levels so it can be useful in treating ADHD symptoms. And what is also good it helps patients to relax and to relieve stress. Still, there are lots of concerns about using cannabis under 18, because it can cause problems in developing brains and youngsters are more likely to develop dependence. But if you are an adult with concentration and focus difficulties you shoud try the best weed strains to cure ADHD symptoms.


Slurricane is used for various medical applications treating mental and mood disorders like PTSD and Bipolar Disorder. These conditions can be a trigger for ADD/ADHD to adults making it the perfect strain to attack the root cause of this disorder.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is Sativa-dominant; therefore, it increases your energy levels and also the concentration of its users. Other effects you can expect include increased levels of creativity and because of these positive results, it is being used to treat ADD/ADHD.

Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch can pick your energy and concentration levels up when ADD/ADHD symptoms start attacking you. Smokers also feel uplifted and aroused after smoking this kush, making it even better for individuals suffering from ADD/ADHD.


Papaya is a 50/50 hybrid strain that is recommended to ADHD patients due to its concentrating effects. Consumers adore the strain because of its fruity papaya aroma and taste. The strain is used in medicine to fight depression, insomnia, anxiety and ADHD symptoms.

Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is currently being used by many smokers to ground themselves whenever ADD/ADHD symptoms don’t allow them to focus on a single task. The high is quite intensive and offers a burst of energy to help you get through the day productively.


Viper is a spicy cannabis strain with some citrus overtones that also affect the aroma of this kush. It is a Sativa-dominant weed that has a strong cerebral high that permeates throughout the whole body. It helps users to stay tuned and focused so it is a good idea for those who struggle from ADHD.

Green Crack

With the fruity scents, the strain perfectly manages the ADHD symptoms. It boosts creativity and focus, relieves stress and gives a happy uplifting high. The Sativa dominant strain helps to manage all necessary tasks and stay energetic.

Every cannabis user should always remember, that marijuana effects can vary depending on a consumer. The effects can be diverse for people of different ages, sex and health condition. So if you are looking for a cure of ADHD symptoms, it is better to start from a small portion, you can also use weed in different ways like smoking or taking edibles. And here you can find the best strains for ADHD according to the users’ recommendations.