Beat the January blues

As a new decade starts for 2020, many people with conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression or chronic ailments are always looking for alternative methods for relief.

Sabine Gohri is a qualified herbalist, crystal healer and specialises in aromatherapy she has supported many people with these conditions for a few years.

Sabine offers private and confidential consultation sessions on a one to one basis to establish how she can make a difference, by creating a tailor-made therapy for the individual, and it’s all 100% natural. Many clients who may be suffering from anxiety or stress have found instant relief from the crystal healing which balances the body’s natural energy flow.

Aromatherapy will help you with relaxation, uplifting your spirit if feeling low, some oils are fantastic with colds, coughs and wide range of chronic problems: Arthritis, Rheuma etc.

Herbal treatments are as versatile and will provide the best mother nature has to offer, and all of this without any added preservatives, colouring or any other chemical extras.

Crystal healing will help you to restore and heal body & soul. With our hectic lifestyles these days we are causing immense stress on our body, which then results in our chakras and energy lines to get blocked. With the help of powerful crystals, they can be cleansed so the energy can flow freely again.

As most holistic treatments I will treat body & soul and not like the orthodox medicine, only your symptoms. This time of the year puts our bodies under extreme strain, with the up and down in temperature, wet, cold and grey weather. With a holistic treatment you will be able to cleanse and recharge your self for the start of a new the decade, a new beginning, a complete different lifestyle, new quality of life

I love helping people to gain a better understanding of holistic therapy and its benefits, lets see what we are able to achieve for you! Please do come along and try my services. I am looking forward to meeting with new clients and listen to their story and health history!

Why not contact Sabine to help you start a new and harmonised balanced 2020 on 07444388646.

Sabine delivers her services from a number of treatment rooms in Weston Super Mare and competitively priced.