3 Reasons Why You

Although it’s been in the market for a while, foam rollers never really got inducted into the must-have list of any fitness enthusiast.

After all, many people overlook the benefits that foam rollers bring. Yes, I know its appearance is nothing much to shout about. And most foam rollers are ugly and flimsy.

But if you get the ones that come from reputable manufacturers, you can be sure they will last and serve you for a lifetime.

Having gotten my hands on two foam rollers recently (thanks to Jordan from PrimeroFitness), namely the Fascianator II and Paperclip (what fanciful names they have!), I have been having a rolling good time.

And here’s 3 reasons why you too should get a foam roller if you are a fitness enthusiast like myself.

Reason #1: Foam Rollers Help Reduce Muscle Soreness

Now, for this one reason alone – I’m all for adding the foam roller to my fitness universe.

In fact, as an avid gym-goer who works out thrice a week, it is inevitable not to feel the delayed muscle soreness syndrome the next day. Well, I know this is good news as it means my muscle fibres have been torn and are on their way to recovery.

But honestly, I hate the soreness especially after legs day. This is especially so when I am climbing up and down the stairs at the office.

So thanks to the foam rollers which came to my rescue.

First, I tried the Paperclip. Made of ultra high density EVA foam with break-resistant ABS cores, it is touted as the most basic of all the foam rollers.

I used the Paperclip foam roller over my right thigh and hamstring which were crying for some tender-loving care. After 2 minutes of rolling, my muscles felt less knotty and more relaxed. I guess it aided in blood circulation as well.

Being adventurous, I decided to try the Fascianator II roller on my left thigh and hamstring so as to get a first-hand comparison.

The Fascianator II is widely regarded as one of the hardest foam rollers available out there.

And boy was there a huge difference!

The Fascianator II does look more intimidating because of the spikes. But do not be mislead by its appearance. Intimidating as it appears, the rolling effect the Fascianator II resulted in was at least three-fold more soothing than the Paperclip.

Personally, I attribute this to the fact I love hard massages. So for readers who love a harder touch, go for the Fascianator II. You will not get disappointed.

From the thighs and hamstrings, I continued using the Fascianator II for my lower back to sooth the tension after a long day of non-stop sitting and desktop-staring in my office cubicle. My back never felt any better. All the muscles were loosened up.

Reason #2: Foam Rollers Help Train Your Core Muscles

On hindsight, the Paperclip reminded me of the abs wheel rollout.

I’m sure I speak on behalf of most people who work out. And that is most aspire to have a flat tummy. And guys like me want to flaunt our six pack abs. Well, since time immemorial, having washboard ripped abs has been closely associated with being more attractive to the opposite sex.

Just think about it – if you have to choose between hugging a tyre and a firm ripped mid-riff, which would you want?

The choice is obvious!

Ok, now back to testing my hypothesis. Getting into push-up position with the only exceptions of my hands placed on top of the foam roller, I began rolling away…exactly in the same way I worked the abs wheel rollout.

Bingo! I was right. Foam rollers really help train your core muscles and I could feel my abs tighten instantly.


And true enough, I was able to train my abs and core muscles successfully.

Reason #3: Foam Rollers Are Practical Yet Cost-Effective

Foam rollers are really affordable for the benefits they provide. I cannot possibly think of a better alternative. Of course, you can choose to go for a massage but we know massages in Singapore are not that cheap. So foam rollers are really Godsend – practical yet cost-effective.

Whether you choose the milder Paperclip or menace-looking Fascianator II, the final decision depends on your level of fitness and touch preference.

To recap, the Paperclip is targeted at beginners and offers a more soothing touch (think oil-based massage). On the contrary, the Fascianator II is designed for professional athletes who truly appreciate the benefits of sports massages post-exercise.