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Welcome to the Deo Reiki Association. Currently, reiki has grown widely throughout the world. There are so many benefits that you get from learning from Deo Reiki. Deo Reiki was discovered by Grand Master Eko Heru Nugroho. He has given attunement training to thousands of people and many people have benefited from it. He discovered Deo Reiki in 2002. Currently, Deo Reiki is 18 years old. A long journey in a spiritual world. He often meditated and fasted so that his energy became purer. You are interested in studying at Deo Reiki. Let’s look at the benefits:

  • Getting closer to God

  • Have the ability to heal yourself and others for life

  • Calmer and more patient in life

  • Better sleep quality

  • Higher body resistance

  • Protected from negative energies

  • The mind is calmer

  • And much more

What is an attunement?

Before one can channel natural energy (reiki), one must be attunemented by a master. Attunement is the process of aligning energy patterns and vibrations in the human body with energy patterns and vibrations in the universe. Attunement can also be called an initiation. In the attunement, a master will clear the sushumna pathways and chakras of a prospective reiki practitioner. Reiki masters also cleanse the chakras. After being attuned, a practitioner can instantly channel reiki energy to oneself and others for a lifetime.

What is Reiki?

The word reiki comes from Japanese which means universe. Reiki energy comes from the universe. Every living thing needs energy for daily survival. Reiki energy is very powerful to maintain health, and heal diseases in the human body. This reiki energy is subtle, so it is safe for healing even babies.

What is kundalini?

Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit language which means holy fire. The kundalini is located in the sacrum or perineum. The perineum is located between the genitals and anus. To activate kundalini, it must be done by a kundalini master called shaktivat. Shaktivat is the process of transferring energy from a teacher to a student with the aim of activating and raising kundalini. Kundalini energy rises from the bottom up by burning the sushumna and chakras pathways. Meanwhile, Reiki cleans the human body from top to bottom. The combination of reiki and kundalini energy will cleanse the impurities in the human body optimally.

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