Gymnastics for the Joints:

Gymnastics for joints that can be performed at home is an excellent tool for the prevention of joint diseases. Soviet Sport chose the most effective exercises that will keep your joints in shape and help to avoid diseases such as arthrosis and osteochondrosis – which, according to statistics, affect up to half the population of the earth’s globe.


  • elbow joint;

Rotate the forearms around the elbow joints 8-10 times to the side and counterclockwise. Then make several rotating movements with your forearms.

  • shoulder joint;

Pull the arms out to the sides – keeping them straight, rotate them in a small circle back and forth (10 times). Pull one hand up, in a small circle, rotate it in different directions. Repeat with the other hand.

Stays with outstretched arms, turns the hull left and right – 10-12 times in each direction.

  • wrist joint;

Squeeze your fists and turn them to the side counterclockwise – 8-12 times. Bend and unbend your arm in the wrist joint – 8-12 times. Having folded the brushes with a lock (one brush on the top, the other on the bottom), we rotate the upper brush lower left-right to feel a slight stretch.

  • finger joints;

10-12 times tightly squeeze the brush into a fist and expand it so that the fingers stretch as wide as possible from each other. We bend our fingers with an open palm so that the fingertips touch the pillow – this exercise is also called the “cat’s paw”. We fix in this position for 2-4 seconds, and then straighten the fingers and repeat.

To this small complex you can add classes with an expander or tennis ball. Squeeze and expand the expander 15-20 times with each hand.

Lie on the floor, bend your leg and raise the knee maximally to the chest. Lock in this position for 1-2 seconds. Repeat 6-8 times with each leg. Roll over, lift one or the other leg up and back – 10 times each leg.

Lying on your side, raise your straight leg up –10 times. We change the legs. Perform exercises smoothly, avoiding jerky movements.


This gymnastics can be performed with an arthrosis joint. Arthrosis is the destruction of the cartilage of the joint. Gymnastics for the knee joint will stop the progression of arthrosis in the initial stage, will be the prevention of arthrosis, restore muscle tone and strengthen the ligaments.

While sitting on a chair, imitate walking, smoothly lifting 5-10 centimeters above one leg, then the other leg. Lightly pull the toe of the foot towards you. Hands make the massage movements of the hip and knee.

Straighten your legs while sitting on a chair. In turn, bend them under yourself in the knee – leading the sub-leg to the other leg (and not up).

Stand with your palms on the kneecap. Legs together. Make small rotational movements with your knees hourly, while massaging your knees with your palms.

Lie on your back. Bend your legs at the knees, lift your legs up with the ground – one at a time, straighten one, then the other leg at the knee. Then make a bike. Repeat all movements 10-15 times (the main criterion – there should not be a feeling of strong stress).


Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky, specialist in the treatment of the spine and joints, has developed a gymnastics complex for the prevention and treatment of joint diseases.

You need to start gymnastics with a warm-up of the joints of the feet – twist the feet in different directions, pull them towards you (20 times in each direction). Then – bend and extend the knees. Mash the hip joint: while lying, bend the legs at the knees, put the feet shoulder-width apart — lower the knees to the floor one at a time. Make a half-bridge for the lower back: raise and lower the pelvis, lying on the bed — 12-15 repetitions. Pull the spine – close your hands with the head lock, lying down, try to pull your shoulders up and legs away from you. It will result in a movement similar to walking. Get on all fours – bend your back in the lower back, and then round it.

Bubnovsky gymnastics contributes to the healing of the spine and joints. It helps reduce pain and discomfort (aching, numbness) and improves joint mobility.

Gymnastics of the spine and joints of Bubnovsky need in the morning (or morning and evening).