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Did You Know Body Odour Can Indicate A Toxic Colon?

Is your health being compromised by a lack of healthy bacteria?

There is a close relationship between body odour and putrid matter within the intestinal tract. Overall body perspiration, with the possible exception of underarm perspiration, should not create a body odour problem for anyone who showers or takes a bath daily. If you cannot control your overall body odour no matter how frequently you wash yourself this indicates that you could have a high level of nasty build-up of putrid matter in your bowel.

Another good indication of intestinal problems is foot odour. If you wear closed shoes and find at the end of the day your feet and socks are smelly it could well be your colon causing the problem. Cleansing your digestive system is basically the first step into better digestive health and will remove putrid built up waste matter in your colon.

Even after your colon is cleansed you may find you still need to wear under on deodorant, but make sure it has no chemicals or aluminium in it, always check the label of anything you put onto your skin for chemicals, if you can’t pronounce it then it is more than likely unhealthy. It is also a good idea to focus on your diet as well. The food you are eating may be contributing to your unbalanced digestive system.

About Intestinal Bacteria

The bacteria present in your intestinal tract comes in two types and known as the putrefactive bacteria. The most common being Escherichia coli. Viewed under a microscope many putrefactive intestinal bacteria have a characteristic shape like the Escherichia coli and they are called coliform bacteria. They both produce substances called indole and skatole. These substances create a foul smell that is produced by unhealthy stools and is also found also your sweat and urine.

What counteracts these bad bacteria in the intestinal tract is known as good bacteria and called lactobacteria. The best-known and the most important it’s called Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidus. If you are lacking these good bacteria, or they have been depleted through bad eating habits, illness, drinking contaminated rainwater, medication (such as antacid tablets), having a colonoscopy or some other procedure, they need replacing to balance the gut flora.

The digestive enzymes produced by friend friendly bacteria aid the digestive system and act to control the activity of the putrefactive bacteria. When the putrefactive bacteria become highly active it emits foul odour gases in addition to non-gaseous toxins they constantly produce and these can come out in your sweat and urine.

If this gas gets trapped in your body and not expelled quickly some of it becomes absorbed into your bloodstream, via the colon causing a variety of unpleasant symptoms, and you may not be aware of the underlying causes of this is coming from an unbalanced digestive system. The digestive enzymes from the friendly bacteria in the digestive juices of the body act to inhibit the production of gas but they won’t kill putrefactive bacteria or keep them from producing poisonous substances.

So, if your body tends to be strong odour it could well it be a symptom of an overgrowth of bad bacteria. Simply taking good bacteria is not the overall answer to this problem. Colon cleansing with certified organic herbs does a great job of eliminating the matter that accumulates and expelling the putrid build-up.

If you would like to clean out your digestive system then a colon cleanse is the first place to start. You can browse our selection on our website. Support your liver afterwards with St Mary’s Thistle and a good broad-spectrum probiotic. If you are located in Australia and would like to chat about any digestive issues please feel free to call us, the number is on our website.