Why You Should Be

Although editing your teeth to look whiter in a photo can be fixed quickly with the click of a button, individuals still desire to have pearly whites for in-person interactions and as a boost of self-confidence. Scared off by the high price tag of professional in-house teeth whitening, many individuals take to DIY methods they’ve seen passed around social media. However, while these viral trends might seem like a cost-effective way to whiten your teeth, they can end up doing more harm than good. Here’s why you should be careful with DIY teeth whitening hacks:

You Might Damage Your Enamel

Tooth enamel is the outer covering of your tooth. Its purpose is to protect the inner parts of your teeth, which are more fragile. It helps delay and prevents tooth decay. Using at-home hacks, especially as a continual habit, can end up damaging your enamel. Since these hacks usually involve harsh scrubbing or abrasive materials, they can end up weakening the very part of your teeth that was built to be a protective “shield.” Tooth enamel is not reproduced over time, which is why individuals should be extra cautious when participating in viral teeth whitening trends that haven’t been backed up by dental professionals.

They Could Cause Uneven Colors

Many people purchase whitening strips and other methods marketed as quick fixes to stained teeth. However, amateur use of these products and the products’ designs, in general, can lead to an uneven coloring effect. What once began as a way to whiten your teeth can end in your teeth looking worse than before, highlighting your discolored teeth next to newly brightened teeth. This can give you the opposite effect of what you were going for. When trying to whiten your teeth, it is worth it to spend a little more in order to achieve a more unified result that doesn’t point out the “imperfections” in your smile.

There Can Be Dangerous Health Effects

Whether purchasing over-the-counter kits or using at-home hacks that haven’t been approved by your dentist, there are some dangerous health effects that can come about. These hacks can actually lead to stomach problems, infections, toothaches, and other dental-related or digestive issues. Whenever using new products, especially in your mouth, it is important to read which chemicals and ingredients are used and what health effects they could have. A seemingly inexpensive DIY hack can actually result in a hefty doctor’s bill if it takes this effect on your body.

Hacks Can Cause Gum Damage

As your dentist would affirm, gum health is just as important as teeth health, and it is important to protect them just as you would your teeth. However, some ingredients in teeth whitening hacks, especially hydrogen peroxide, have been known to cause gum damage if used in excess. It is best to avoid these harmful ingredients altogether rather than trying to find a cheap remedy for stained teeth. Keeping healthy gums contributes to your dental hygiene and tooth coloring. Therefore, implementing DIY methods that harm your gums could be counteractive to your goal. Dentists instead recommend relying on basic hygiene methods, like flossing, to help you achieve a brighter smile.

When wanting to improve the outer appearance of your teeth, it is always wise to contact your dentist and allow them to advise you on the best possible methods. It is understandable that not every individual will choose to pay for professional teeth whitening, but your dentist will likely have additional suggestions for achieving a glowing look without putting your enamel and gums in harm’s way. DIY teeth whitening hacks may seem like a cheaper way to achieve visually appealing pearly whites, but they can cause long-term damage, especially if used regularly.