The Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy provides a wide variety of benefits, addressing many conditions in adults, children, the elderly and infants. Many physio’s consult in private practice, treating injuries, headaches, pain and chronic conditions. Physio’s help people to improve strength, endurance, posture, range of motion and much more.

Physiotherapists assess, treat and prevent a wide range of conditions. This can include conditions such as injuries or chronic disease. Almost anyone can benefit from physiotherapy at some point in their life. Perth physiotherapy possesses the knowledge and skills to treat various disorders including musculoskeletal conditions, injury prevention and pain management. Some of the areas a physio can assist with include:

● Chronic pain

● Sports injuries

● Cardiorespiratory problems

● Cancer

● Dry needling

● Orthopaedic conditions

● Pregnancy care

● Women’s health

● Elderly care

● Occupational health and safety

● Neurology

What do Physio’s Do?

Perth physiotherapy includes a wide range of treatments. A physio may use exercise, manual therapy, hydrotherapy, manipulation, dry needling and many other techniques to treat a patient. A physio will recommend exercises to increase strength, flexibility and joint range of motion, depending on the condition being treated.

Physiotherapists also assist with prevention. As part of treatment, a physio may include techniques to prevent future injuries including ways to prevent falls, improve posture and optimise lifting techniques. A physio will aim to help improve a patient’s overall quality of life.

Usually, a physiotherapy session will include an assessment of the patient’s condition and overall health. The physio will develop a personalised treatment plan with goals to attain for the patient. They may also prescribe home exercises to compliment and maximise the effect of the treatment provided.

Physio aims to find the root cause of the problem. Chronic conditions may be contributed to by poor posture, incorrect lifting techniques or muscular imbalances. These kinds of problems can all benefit from a thorough assessment and a specific treatment plan addressing underlying causes.

Common Conditions Physiotherapist Treat

● Back pain

● Neck pain

● Jaw pain

● Sports injuries

● Sprains and strains

● Arthritis

● Shoulder and arm pain

● Tennis elbow

● Sciatica

● Hip pain

● Pregnancy-related pain

● Rehabilitation after surgery

● Incontinence

● Chronic fatigue syndrome

Injury Treatment

There are a wide variety of injuries that physiotherapists can play a role in treating. The aim is to rehabilitate a patient after an injury or operation and return them to their normal activity as soon as possible. Injury management also includes prevention methods.

Chronic Conditions

Physio’s can play a vital role in the management of chronic conditions. A physiotherapist can help a person to reduce the effect of their chronic conditions on their life by reducing pain and providing self management strategies.

Where do Physiotherapist Practice?

Physio’s can work in a range of different environments. This includes schools, hospitals, community health centres, sports organisations, gyms, private practices and rehab facilities.

Physiotherapy provides many benefits to all ages. Physio can help with managing pain, treating injuries, assisting with chronic conditions and improving quality of life. Physiotherapists assess, treat and manage conditions using a variety of techniques such as manual therapy, exercise, dry needling and much more. A physio near you can treat many conditions and help with improving overall health and wellness.