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What is Sonic Solace?

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 25% of people will develop some type of issue in their ears within the next three decades. In total, these problems can affect over 700 million people, but this fate doesn’t have to be certain. Instead, consumers have the opportunity to prevent these problems. Still, the majority of the world doesn’t put much emphasis on ear health and the problems that impact it (i.e., hearing loss, ringing, etc). Losing the ability to hear can drastically change the way that someone lives, works, and communicates, but Sonic Solace can help.

Sonic Solace Supplement is a revolutionary new formula that helps with ear health, and there are already thousands of people who have used it to support theirs. Using five exotic ingredients within a proprietary blend, consumers protect their ears and eliminate toxins. In doing so, the hairs in the inner ear can be protected to defend from hearing loss. It also helps with tinnitus, which is affected by this type of pain. If you regularly experience a whirring, whooshing, or ringing in your ears, then Sonic Solace will give you a permanent relief.

Sonic Solace was developed by a man named Kevin Freeman. Kevin once had tinnitus so bad that he ended up in hospital. Kevin’s tinnitus nearly killed him. After suffering from tinnitus for years, Kevin started to research natural cures for tinnitus. Eventually, he discovered the ingredients in Sonic Solace, used those ingredients to fix his tinnitus, and now wants to share his tinnitus remedy to the world.

The supplement is manufactured in an FDA approved and GMP certified facility in the United States using the latest technology and equipment to ensure the highest standards and does not employ any non-GMO ingredients, stimulants, or contaminants in its production. It is available as dietary pills and each bottle will give you 30 servings or a month’s supply of this organic and safe dietary supplement.

How Does Sonic Solace Works?

Sonic Solace uses a blend of herbs, plants, antioxidant-rich compounds, and other ingredients to support ear health and target the root cause of tinnitus. When you take a capsule of Sonic Solace, these ingredients work in different ways to eliminate tinnitus and support ear health.

Sonic Solace contains some ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine, for example, including corydalis. Also known as Yan Hu Suo, corydalis is part of the poppy family (but it won’t show up on a drug test). According to Kevin and the Sonic Solace team, the corydalis in Sonic Solace will block the perception of pain in your brain’s sensory neurons, including the neurons inside your inner ear. Instead of repairing the injury or numbing the nerve in the area, it helps prevent that injury from sending pain signals to the brain.

The corydalis in Sonic Solace also plays another critical role: it helps stop the breakdown of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a crucial neurotransmitter linked to memory, thinking, learning, and recall. It can also relax muscles.

Corydalis has a third effect: it helps with “micro-circulation” to the tiniest blood vessels in your inner ear. By boosting blood flow to your inner ear, Sonic Solace can support ear health and eliminate the root cause of tinnitus.

Sonic Solace also contains marshmallow root, California poppy seed, and other natural herbs to defend against tinnitus in various ways. The five active ingredients in Sonic Solace, when taken daily, can purportedly silence tinnitus within weeks – regardless of the severity of your tinnitus.